New brake discs needed on my VW Tiguan after 10,000 miles, is this normal?

The pads and brake discs on my new December 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan required replacement after only 10,000 miles due to serious corrosion. This has not been an issue with previous VWs, including Tiguans, and my past experience is for such maintenance not being needed until around 25,000 miles.

This work was initially highlighted for immediate attention at the 12-month service when the mileage was only 6,200, but with some extra brake management the replacement was delayed until 17 months, in May, by which time the mileage had increased to 10,200. The cost of full replacement was in excess of £600.

I expressed my surprise at the need for replacement at such low mileage and the explanation given was lack of use due to lockdown, during which time car use was restricted. Nevertheless, regular trips were still carried out but these tended to be of shorter duration. The car is parked overnight on a private drive in conditions that have been the same for over 30 years.

I fully accept that the brakes needed replacement but question whether the quality of the materials used in the manufacture of the discs is acceptable and suitable for the purpose.

I would be interested in your views and as to whether other motorists, particularly VWs, are experiencing similar issues.

Asked on 27 June 2022 by Stuart Hodgson

Answered by Dan Powell
A brake disc is essentially exposed metal and it will rust if left exposed to the elements.

This isn't an issue if you use the car regularly (with the rust being cleared off the disc as the brakes operate under normal driving conditions). However, if you don't drive very often, the corrosion will build up if the vehicle spends long periods parked up outside.

I haven't seen any evidence to suggest any make or model of car is more susceptible to this issue than others. But complaints have become more widespread since the pandemic with people working from home and driving their vehicles less often.
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