Honda CRV problems - what can I do?

I recently purchased a Honda CRV to replace my Peugeot 3008 upon your recommendation. I have had it a week and am now suffering from buyer's regret... There are niggles, nothing major on its own (I don't even blame the dealer as these things you would only notice by living with it). After about 30 minutes the clutch pedal squeals. There is water collecting in the spare wheel space. The air vents smell like old shoes and fag ash. The radio has a mind of its own and just displays whatever time it feels like. These may seem trivial but my experience with it is tainted and it has been 6 days. There is a big part of me that just wants my old car back. What can I do?

Asked on 16 February 2022 by rob

Answered by Dan Powell
Speak to the dealer and explain you are unhappy with your new purchase. The clutch noise, water leak and radio could be signs of problems that are present or developing, which would theoretically give you the right to reject it as per the 30 day rule of the 2015 Consumer Rights Act:
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