Confusion over two cars that are supposed to be virtually the same

I'm thinking of buying a used automatic diesel version of the Hyundai i30 or Kia C'eed.

We're told they're virtually identical, but built in different parts of the world. As far as I can see the external dimensions are the same but somehow the Kia has 534 litres luggage space with the seats down and the i30 only has 415 (more than 20% difference). With the seats folded the differences are 1664 and 1395 respectively (16%). Those are substantial differences in what is reputed to be the same design. How come?

Secondly I've checked prices and in general the Hyundai has always listed at about £400 less than the Kia but has sold used for about £2,000 less throughout their histories. Again that's a very substantial difference on what is supposed to be the same car. Again can you suggest why that should be?

Incidently the Hyundai i30 diesel auto (which should be £2k cheaper for me to purchase) is as rare as cockerel molars, there's only one on Autotrader and it's up in Scotland.

Asked on 12 January 2011 by Steamdrivenandy

Answered by Honest John
The Hyundai is built in the Czech Republic and the KIA is built in a mirror image plant 50km away in Slovakia. I wonder if you are comparing the Station Wagon of one with the hatch of the other, or the Kia Proceed with the five-door i30.

From my road test:

Luggage capacity 5-dr: 340 litres (seats up); 1,300 litres to roof (seats down)
Luggage compartment (SW): 1,670mm long x 1,035mm wide x 755mm high. (Max width at rear for golf clubs 1,395mm.)
Luggage capacity (SW): 534 litres (seats up); 1,664 litres to roof (seats down).
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