Can an abnormal clutch be a manufacturing fault?

I bought a car from new and after six months it developed a slight grinding noise at low speeds. The main dealer investigated five times but could find nothing. Then it went to the garage for a slight clutch slip (while still under warranty). The garage reported the clutch and flywheel completely burnt out and because they couldn't find any faults said that it must be my driving style. I disputed this but had to pay because I needed a car.
When I picked up the car with a new clutch I asked if they had found the cause of the grinding noise and was told it was the clutch, which I think verifies my point that it wasn't my driving style.
Since having the new clutch fitted the grinding noise has vanished and I enjoy a much lower petrol consumption.
I have complained to the manufacturer and and Ombudsman without success.
Can you tell me if it is possible for abnormal clutch wear to occur with manufacturing faults?

Asked on 29 October 2021 by K Carrington

Answered by Dan Powell
Possible? Yes. Provable? Unlikely.
You'd need proof to show the clutch and flywheel was faulty. But if the parts have been binned then you'll have no evidence to back up your claim. Not unless the garage that did the work is willing to provide a written report that confirms the faults.
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