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I thought that it would be useful if I updated you on the Bluetooth phone saga in my new Mk VI Golf. I now have had a Bluetooth interface fitted to my car, which is a VW/Skoda part and the relevant part number is 1Z0035729C. It is identical to the old interface and accepts the same plugs. On the central screen of the car it reads SKODA BT. The hands-free works perfectly with all relevant lists showing, such as Phone Book and Missed, Received and Sent calls. This part was fitted by Ed Cameron of Drivetalk who was recommended to me by Kim Draper of Listers in Nuneaton. He fitted the part and then programmed the "CANbus system" through the diagnostic port to accept this new part, itself provided by SatNav Systems in London (www.satnavsystems.com). SatNav Systems works for VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda dealerships in the London area and home counties and fits radio/cd, touchscreen and satnav systems to new and used cars where clients wish to upgrade the factory fitted system. They are approved by these dealerships to carry out this work. The old system fitted to my car is manufactured by Nokia intended for SAP enabled mobile phones and designed for the German market. The phones that are compatible are Nokia but in many cases are no longer produced. Equally this system works with Siemens mobiles, and Siemens no longer make mobiles. There is clearly a problem here and I understand that this compatibility issue is well known to VW and its dealerships in the UK. I therefore ask that VW acknowledges that the original system did not work so was clearly “of unsatisfactory quality” and also refunds the cost of the new system that does work of £569.25. I have spent an enormous amount of time trying to get to the bottom of why the original did not work and as a result I have successfully sorted out the problem at my expense and in my time. My request for a refund of these costs is perfectly reasonable and I believe I should be reimbursed.

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Answered by Honest John
Many thanks for copying that to me. I will try to run it for the benefit
of other Golf VI buyers in the same position. If VW or (legally) the dealer who sold you the car does not cough up for the working system then sue the dealer using the small claims track of the county court using the evidence and explanation in your e-mail.
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