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Both Motorpoint and Bob Gerard admit that their “new” S2000s were manufactured 9 months or so ago. Motorpoint’s are registered from Nov 2008, which is when the 36 month Honda warranty started, whereas Bob Gerard says the 36 month Honda warranty starts from when a car is registered this year. Having come from Japan via Cyprus are they a good buy and if so should an immediate oil/filter/brake fluid change and air con service be carried out?

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Answered by Honest John
S2000 production ended at least 6 months ago with the 'Edition 100' models. A problem in changing the factory fill is it may be running in oil and switching to synthetic oil will prevent the oil rings from bedding in. There could have been some seal leakage from the a/c, so it could be worth a re-gas. Brake fluid should not need changing until the car is 2 years old (by which I mean 2 years from production, going by the dates on the seat belt tags).
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