Unsprung wait

One to add to your database. About two weeks back as I was slowly driving out of our drive onto the local side road when I head a loud bang. I stopped the car, (a late 2005 SAAB 9-3 convertible) got out and looked all around but nothing was obvious. Drove carefully for the next few days but everything felt normal. Last weekend at a family gathering in conversation with my wife's godson who has the same car, he asked me in a light-hearted way, "replaced you front springs yet then?" No, I replied but recounted the bang of a fortnight back. "Ah Ah" he said, "where's your car?" So we went to my car where he knelt down put his hand up under the front off-side suspension and pulled out six inches of road spring! "That's what caused your bang, your front spring has broken". Now I remembered your various reports of similar happenings to others so called my local SAAB dealer, Lewis SAAB at Bosham West Sussex who said that they were familiar with this problem and undertook to ask Saab UK if they would consider accepting the repair even though the car was long out of warranty. Within the hour the dealer rang back to say that SAAB UK would accept the whole cost and two days later my car went in for two new front springs supplied and fitted, all courtesy of Saab UK. Now that's what I call service, both by the dealer a long established independent family firm and SAAB UK. As you probably know there is a lot more on this on the blog SAAB Scene where others have recounted their experiences up and down the country.

Asked on 25 July 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
It's happening with all European makes and models of cars, particularly those fitted with Swedish springs because they are made down to a price, not seated properly, suffer corrosion and fatigue and are finished off by road humps.
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