How far and for how long do we need to drive our car to keep it in good condition?

Being retired and benefitting from home deliveries during the latest COVID-19 restrictions, our 2017 Ford Fiesta has remained in the garage for some weeks. Our car’s battery has been monitored for a year now by a CTEK unit. During the lockdown, the UK Government recommends that we take our daily exercise locally, but how often and for how long should we take our Ford Fiesta for a drive to maintain its fitness? Thanks for your help and kind regards

Asked on 11 January 2021 by Paul H

Answered by Georgia Petrie
In usual circumstances, I would say it varies depending on how much charge is in your battery before you start driving and your driving style. On the motorway, it'll take around 25-30 minutes to charge the battery. In a town or city, you'll need to double that timeframe. However, due to the current Covid-19 outbreak and lockdown, I would advise against any non-essential road travel at this time. If you are concerned about the battery in your car then I would recommend continuing to use the battery charger.
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