Need a £15k car with high seating position, automatic gearbox and petrol engine

We are both in our 70s with some knee and hip issues but generally quite mobile. My wife has a Suzuki Splash which she is happy with but I find it too low and I have an old Honda CR-V that I love but she finds it too large to drive.

We would like to downsize from two cars to one. Can you please recommend possible cars to look at?

Asked on 25 September 2020 by John Garland

Answered by Dan Powell
Petrol crossovers have a reputation for being expensive to run. I would recommend buying a petrol hybrid like the Toyota C-HR. The 1.8-litre model will return 58+mpg on-the-road, and the C-HR was rated as one of the UK's most comfortable cars in our latest Satisfaction Index:

A budget of £15,000 will get you a C-HR 1.8 hybrid that's three-years-old with a big chunk of its five-year manufacturer warranty still left to run:
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Outstanding ride, road holding and handling. A pleasure to drive. 1.2 petrol or 1.8 hybrid. Solid build quality. More power and performance from 184PS 2.0 C-HR from January 2020. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto now standard.

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