Are Volkswagen DSG auto gearboxes troublesome?

I bought a new Volkswagen Golf auto in 2015. It's had its yearly service at Volkswagen authorised dealers just last week. The car has only done 9300 miles since new but I noticed after the service a sort of noise while accelerating. Took it back to Volkswagen and they said it could be the gearbox. They suggested removing the gearbox to see at a cost of £1000. A new gearbox is another £1500! Surely a car with 9300 miles carefully driven should not need a new gearbox. Any suggestions what I do as the dealership were very helpful? Would Volkswagen know about this or is this common? I can't afford this but dont want to drive and do damage.

Asked on 9 September 2020 by g allen

Answered by Andrew Brady
Volkswagen DSG gearboxes can certainly be troublesome. You're right, though, you shouldn't be experiencing issues with a car that's covered so few miles. If you've had it serviced regularly, it's worth pushing Volkswagen for a contribution. They don't need to make one but, if you're polite, they might be willing to provide a gesture of goodwill. Otherwise, we'd recommend speaking to an independent automatic transmission specialist. They'll be very familiar with DSG transmission issues and will be able to recommend a repair that should be more affordable than at a Volkswagen dealer. It might be something as simple as a gearbox oil change. Our Good Garage Guide should help:
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