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Should I tow with all-terrain or all-season tyres?

Which should I buy for towing, all terrain or all season? What's best for longevity and mainly grip? Thanks.

Asked on 18 June 2020 by Shane KM

Answered by Georgia Petrie
Off-road tyres have specially designed tread patterns to grip better, and reinforced sidewalls to make them more resistant to punctures. However, they have a reduced contact patch with the road so offer less grip on smooth roads. They will also cover fewer miles before wearing out because they are usually softer than regular tyres for more grip in extreme conditions.

It also depends on a couple of factors: how much are you planning to drive off road and what the general winter weather conditions are where you live/travel. If you don’t spend that much time off-road, i.e. if you take just one off-road camping trip a year, then you probably don't need all terrain tyres (unless it's quite difficult to get to where you're going). If your winters are severe with ice and snow, or you live somewhere hilly that makes ice even more treacherous, then all weather tyres would be a better bet. In terms of quietness and comfort, all-season tires do a better job of being unheard. All-terrain aren't extremely loud but they're definitely more noticeable, and they're less fuel efficient.
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