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Just to add to the previous advice you gave about notifying the DVLA when you sell/part-ex a vehicle. I recently did a part-ex and the dealer kindly offered to send my Part 9 of the V5C registration document to inform DVLA of the disposal of my vehicle. He confirms he sent the paperwork within 3 days after the transaction. The day after the sale, I returned the tax disc with the appropriate paperwork to DVLA for a refund. They say to allow 5/6 weeks for the cheque to arrive. 5 weeks later, I received a letter from DVLA saying they had not received any notification of the sale, and wanted my signature to prove the sale had gone through. This letter also states that any refund given will only be dated as from that letter. Even though I sent them a copy of the receipt for my vehicle, nothing doing, so I lost a month's refund through no intentional fault of my own. So always send your Part 9 of the V5C yourself, preferably by special delivery

Asked on 4 September 2010 by MC, via email

Answered by Honest John
Absolutely. Never, ever trust a dealer to do this for you and if you have not heard back from the DVLA within 28 days, chase the matter up. Don't wait for them to come after you and face a possible fight against their enforcers in the magistrates court.
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