I'm tax exempt due to my daughter's disability. She just moved out so am I still exempt from car tax?

My disabled daughter no longer lives with me. l have a Blue Badge and I'm car tax exempt due to her disability. I will only be driving her occasionally now when she visits or when l visit her. Can l still use her Blue Badge when l see her and am l still exempt from car tax?

Asked on 18 May 2020 by carol lynn

Answered by Dan Powell
You can continue to use the Blue Badge when your daughter is in the car or you are travelling somewhere to collect her (and you need to park closer to where she is). However, when it comes to road tax VED, the eligibility will have ended.

The road tax exemption is only in place for disabled drivers or passengers who rely on the vehicle for 100% of the time. Given that your daughter has moved out (and you are using the car for your own personal needs) you no longer qualify for the disabled carer's road tax exemption.
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