My car battery went flat during lockdown. Have I got any recourse with the manufacturer?

Three years ago, I bought a hybrid Toyota C-HR. In the light of lockdown, we have not used it for 13 days. On trying to take it out for food shopping, it would not start and upon telephoning Toyota we were told that the 12V battery was flat and that even when not in use the vehicle continues to run functions such as diagnostics - which causes this to happen. The main batteries would still be charged though. Given the claim that some of these functions were related to safety of the main batteries, surely if the 12v battery goes flat after a week these safety checks are then no longer being performed. We were then informed that it should be driven at least every couple of days for twenty minutes or so. Had I been told this at the point of sale, I would not have purchased the car and even if it says so in the handbook I did not receive that until after the purchase. Have I any recourse?

Asked on 13 May 2020 by C M Bailey

Answered by Dan Powell
In short, no. This is not a manufacturing fault and far much time has passed for you to claim you were mis-sold the vehicle. The 12v battery powers the vehicle start-up and some of the accessories (radio, sat nav etc). The hybrid battery is entirely self-sufficient and will be unaffected by the 12v unit losing its charge.

For more information on hybrid batteries and the coronavirus lockdown, see:
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