Can I swap my back tyres, which wear slower, with my front tyres?

Can I rotate the wheels (from front to back) on my MINI Clubman without having to change the TPMS. The front tyres always wear faster than the rear. As the rear now need changing, I want to switch them to the front with new tyres.

Asked on 6 May 2020 by

Answered by Keith Moody
You can rotate the wheels yes, but you'll need to reset the TPMS. Check the handbook for details on how to do this. Just be mindful of a few things. One: manufacturers don't recommend this. Two: the more worn the tyre is, the more prone it is to punctures so you're increasing your chances of a blowout on the rear tyres (assuming you're not on run-flats). Three: Because of the stresses and strains on making front-wheel drive cars do both the driving and the turning, your front tyres will have experienced very different wear patterns to the rear. Swapping them over could worsen the ride quality and grip levels.
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