Why is my car's battery losing charge?

I have a 2015 Golf 2.0 TDI that has done 35,000 miles and been serviced by Volkswagen since new. I've owned the car for 13 months. I've noticed the battery is losing its charge. It is normally driven on short journeys by my wife. However, for the past four weeks, it gets used twice a week because my wife is self-isolating. Any ideas why it's losing charge? My thoughts are power mirrors and stop-start have taken their toll, or alternator.

Asked on 20 April 2020 by Gemmstone

Answered by Dan Powell
Usual culprits of parasitic drawdown are the interior lights and radio. Make sure they are all switched off (including those in the glovebox and boot) before you disengage the ignition. Otherwise it may be the battery is on the way out. They usually have a lifespan of five or six years.
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