Do I really need a 4x4 to drive in snow and ice?

Do I really need 4x4 for snow/ice? Or are the many twp-wheel drive SUVs on sale right now better in winter weather than a standard hatchback? I'm looking for something to deal with rural Scottish weather with a petrol engine and manual gearbox, up to about £10,000.

Asked on 18 November 2019 by Mark Jessop

Answered by Andrew Brady
You'd be surprised at the difference a good set of winter tyres makes. They are designed to perform when the temperature drops below 7 degrees, so even in cold but dry temperatures, they'll perform better than summer tyres. Depending on how much space you need, I'd be looking for something like a Suzuki Vitara or Honda CR-V and fitting a set of winter tyres. Unless you plan on driving through muddy fields, these should be sufficient for your needs.
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