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I bought my Ford S-Max a year or so ago with runflat tyres. Before people go for this option, I think they should bear in mind that they cost much more, they weigh (according to my local fitter) a third more than a normal tyre, it is not possible (officially) to repair them (but perhaps you should never repair a tyre), and very few places carry them in stock. I love the feeling of security that they give me, but I think I pay quite a lot for it, particularly when all my punctures seem to be nails picked up round town rather than shredded tyres on the hard shoulder.

Asked on 20 February 2010 by T.G., via e-mail

Answered by Honest John
Bridgestone RF3s overcome these problems. They ride as well as normal tyres. And they are repairable if the carcass has not been damaged. The trouble is, once a tyre fitter has removed a tyre to inspect the carcass he reckons he might as well make decent money for the job and fit a new tyre. The best place for runflats is www.event-tyres.co.uk Good stocks and around 30% cheaper.
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