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Recently (and I have the receipt to prove it) I filled my Vectra CDTi with V-Power Diesel (from just on the red to a full tank). The car subsequently started running very roughly, so I booked it in to my local Vauxhall dealership for investigation. Much to my surprise, I was told by the dealership that the tank was contaminated with petrol (based on the smell coming from the tank). The tank had to be drained, flushed and various parts (including one new fuel injector) had to be replaced. The upshot is that I was without my car for a week and a half and ended up with a bill in the region of £800 for the pleasure. Shell is denying any responsibility as all the gauges they can read show there wasn’t any contamination and, apparently, someone might have kindly topped up my tank with petrol whilst I was asleep one night. Do you know of anyone who has successfully taken a fuel reader to court in these circumstances?

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In October 2009, 82 year old James McQuaker won a victory over Asda using the Small Claims Track at Middlesbrough County Court after filling his car with contaminated supermarket fuel. He decided to take Asda to court after his Rover 75 broke down when he filled it with diesel at Asda, Whinbush Way, Darlington. He was left with a £601 repair bill caused by black sludge containing grit in the tank. Recorder Timothy Stead passed his verdict in Mr McQuaker’s favour. He ordered Asda to pay the repair bill and £140 court costs.
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