Economic recovery

Having received my renewal notice from the RAC this month for Roadside and Recovery I notice that from last year it has increased by over £30 to £178.65. This figure, surprisingly, includes “membership savings”, I assume for not calling them out. However, should I have been a new customer and searched the RAC online, I would have found that the same cover was available for under £75 benefitting from the online discount. This discount is not available to existing customers. Is it any wonder that after 12 months customers will cancel their direct debit and then take advantage of other companies discounted deals on the internet? I would have thought that the RAC would like to keep their existing customers, but it would appear that they don't give a stuff.

Asked on 23 January 2010 by J.M., Ruthin, N Wales

Answered by Honest John
That's what happens when Private Equity Firms and Investment Banks take over national institutions. The RAC Foundation was recently lobbying for an investment bank's proposal to privatise motorways into tollways. Where do you think bankers obscene bonuses come from? Read 'Who Really Runs Britain' by Robert Peston, and the more entertaining ‘Meltdown’ by Ben Elton.
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