Dear John,

Thank for a great site, I purchased my first vehicle back in March of last year; a Tucson 2005. I was lucky that I did not have any problems with the vehicle, the price was right; as we were still in a recession.

I wish you would move to Canada, as the boring articles reviews, just cannot compare to your videos.

I want to purchase a little Union Jack sticker for my vehicle, could you recommend any shops?

Furthermore, why does England charge for C02 taxes, is this paid each year?

Much appreciated, Tudules

Asked on 5 January 2011 by Tudules

Answered by Honest John
Google Union Jack and you must find something, Better car accessory union jack.

The whole of Europe now taxes cars by CO2 emissions achieve in certification tests. The trouble is, with current electronics, it's too easy to programme the cars to pass the tests and they don't then reflect the test results in real life.

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