What's the best large petrol second-hand car for £12,000?

I'm looking at buying a second-hand car after years of buying new and getting fed up of the depreciation. My budget will be £12000. My only requirement is an automatic and I think petrol would be my preferred choice due to a reasonably short commute (around 5 miles). I would like something that is reliable with reasonable performance v economy. I wold also like something with a reasonable level of features (e.g. cruise control, heated seats etc). All wheel drive is desirable but not essential. What would you recommend?

Asked on 11 February 2019 by josephspink

Answered by Andrew Brady
I think you're right to be looking at a petrol car for your commute. My choice would be a Skoda Superb - but the biggest challenge you'll have is finding a petrol one as most are diesel. A Mazda 6 could be another good option. It's got a very pleasant interior and the petrols are very reliable.
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