What's the best car used car for ground clearance?

I currently drive around 6000 miles a year, all short journeys but often down rutted tracks. I am looking for a second-hand car with good ground clearance for around £5k. I am looking at maybe a Suzuki Jimny but would be grateful for any other suggestions. I currently have a Polo.

Asked on 31 January 2019 by Kath

Answered by Andrew Brady
We're huge fans of the Suzuki Jimny, but you might find it a bit old fashioned after your Polo. It certainly doesn't drive like a hatchback, with vague steering and little in the way of sound insulation. A Suzuki Grand Vitara will be nicer to drive, while an SX4 might be a better compromise between a car and a 4x4. Also, consider a Toyota RAV4 - they're good to drive, and the 2000-2006 RAV4 is available as a short three-door model.
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