What is the best inexpensive tyre pump?

What is the best inexpensive air pump working off the cigarette lighter able to achieve 70 PSI for my motorhome?

Asked on 10 September 2018 by dickydoo

Answered by Georgia Petrie
To get to 70 PSI, you'll need to spend a bit more than most on a tyre inflator. This will get to 100 PSI, is rated very well and is just over £40: www.amazon.co.uk/P-I-Auto-Store-Inflator-Compresso...r

But, if you want to put your faith in something cheaper that's rated a bit less well, this AA air pump is probably your best bet - it claims to reach a max of 80 PSI: www.amazon.co.uk/AA-Inflator-Compact-Lightweight-T...r
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