My new car didn't come with a CD player as I expected it to - what do I do?

My new car didn't come with a CD player. How can I play my CDs?

Asked on 28 August 2018 by Ashley

Answered by Georgia Petrie
More new cars are coming without a CD player because more convenient options have become available for playing music in a car. CD players also take up precious in-dash space. If you're set on the idea of a CD player then I'd suggest getting an aftermarket one, like these from Amazon (just check the reviews before you buy anything):

However, there are far more convenient ways of enjoying your music in a car. Your car would offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as an option, but I'm not certain you'd have chosen it. Bluetooth will work too, you can just stream your music from a smartphone app like Spotify, or even from an MP3 player if you don't have a smartphone. That way you don't need to have the CDs taking up space in your car, or change the CDs. Instead you can have hundreds of songs downloaded all onto one device, you can choose the order of your playlists, listen to podcasts etc.
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