Do I need to change my driving technique if switching from a diesel to a hybrid?

Having driven diesel cars for the last 30 years, I am about to buy a Kia Niro Hybrid. Are there any differences in driving technique? Do I need to change the oil every six months as you advocate for a diesel? How long will the battery last and if it fails can I start the car using only the petrol engine?

Asked on 16 August 2018 by Rodney Fall

Answered by Honest John
A few obvious things such as lifting on long descents to charge the hybrid battery without wasting fuel. More direct drive than a Prius because it has a DCT rather than a CVT, so you won't find the engine overtaking the car on ascents. I'd use Super petrol. Change the oil and filter every year or every 10,000 miles whichever comes first. There is a separate 12 volt battery for starting the petrol engine. Hybrid batteries last seemingly for ever - we receive very few complaints of failures.
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