My car has minor damage but the insurers say it will cost thousands to repair - is this right?

My car was hit on the left front wing which also broke the headlight. The car was still driveable but my insurer is saying it will cost nearly £3000 to repair which I don't believe. What can I do?

Asked on 26 July 2018 by Ally raeburn

Answered by Tim Kelly
Take your car to a bodyshop and have them provide a pro forma invoice for the cost or repair. Often, the people who do not believe what it cost, have no foundations of knowledge of the actual cost of repairing a vehicle. The fact your car was drivable has no bearing on the cost of repair. If the vehicle is at the insurers repairer, request a 'full engineers version' of the insurers Audatex assessment. This will have a full breakdown of cost.
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