Our approved used Skoda has suffered multiple faults since purchase - do we have to accept it back when it's repaired?

I purchased a Skoda Yeti from an authorised Skoda dealership 12 weeks ago with a full Skoda service history. However, it has been off the road, in their garage for 17 days with broken suspension springs, rust problems, damaged crankshaft (which requires a full engine rebuild) etc. It keeps losing power and jumping out of fifth gear despite it having only done 52,000 miles. There has been no loan car given, so we are using a relative's car to keep us afloat. We paid for the car in full but feel let down as they say we cannot get a refund from them or any of our expenses compensated. They are repairing the car, but we have lost faith in it due to so many faults. We are totally disheartened. Can you tell us where we legally stand?

Asked on 5 May 2018 by Chris Randall

Answered by Honest John
As long as you paid less than £10,000 for the car, I think this is a strong case for rejection to take to the Small Claims Track of the County Court (www.gov.uk/make-court-claim-for-money). Your grounds are that the car has suffered multiple faults during your 12 weeks of ownership, that it must have been fundamentally faulty or developing these faults on the day you took delivery and that you have been severely inconvenienced (without your own car) for 17 days so far during the various periods of repair. See: www.honestjohn.co.uk/faq/consumer-rights/
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