July 2018 DVSA recall round-up: BMW fire risk, Mercedes-Benz airbag fault

Published 18 July 2018

BMW has issued a huge recall, with almost 280,000 cars being called back to dealers due to a fire risk. The safety notice covers both saloon and touring 3 Series models, built between 2004 and 2011. 

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Elsewhere, Mercedes-Benz issued a recall for unintentional airbag deployment among 10,000 C-Class, built between June 2011 and June 2017.

Porsche also recalled around 200 Panamera for anti-roll bar link replacement which - if not fixed - could increase body roll when corning and reduce the sharpness of the steering.

Recall number Make Model Problem


BMW 1 Series, X1, Z4, 3 Series The positive battery cable to the front distribution box behind can become damaged by vibrations and frictional corrosion. This may cause a loss of electrical connection to the distributions box.




BMW 3 Series Saloon, 3 Series Touring, 3 Series Coupe, 3 Series Convertible Blower regulator wiring could be damaged, causing overheating and possibly fire.
R/2018/154 Mercedes-Benz C-Class The steering column clock spring may break. This will cause warning messages to illuminate in the instrument cluster. In extreme instances it may cause the driver's airbag to deploy.
R/2018/165 Porsche
Panamera G2 The connecting links on the rear axle anti roll bar cannot be ensured over the life of the vehicle. This may lead to greater understeer and increased roll behaviour.


marinipersonal    on 19 July 2018

Was a recall for June for all makes or just German? Haha

linedancer111    on 19 July 2018

Reading the report here on car reliability, BMW came out worse !
My last X3 was one of the worst cars I’ve owed over the years (I have owned 63 cars)
Changed to a Ford Edge 210 -just love it !

aethelwulf    on 19 July 2018

You pay your over-inflated money and get stuffed by he Germans. Pay back time from Deutschland .

NickNike    on 24 July 2018

Why do guys buy this overpriced German rubbish?

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