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Drivers warned over new DVLA text message scam

Published 14 July 2018

Drivers are being warned about a new DVLA text scam that cheats recipients out of money by claiming to be a VED road tax refund.

The RAC claims that motorists are being targeted with promises of sizable refunds that will be paid direct into their bank accounts if they submit a few seemingly harmless personal details.

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The scam involves a text message from the fraudsters that poses as the DVLA, offering money back following a change road tax legislation. The victim is then instructed to click a link and fill in a form with personal bank account details. 

“The cost of motoring is a big concern for motorists, so the offer of an unexpected tax rebate can sound very tempting,” said Pete Williams of the RAC.

"Always be wary of any request asking for personal information and be alert to any offer that sounds too good to be true,” he added.

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Potential confusion over changes in the VED system is thought to have given fraudsters the incentive to target innocent motorists with promises of big refunds; however, the DVLA has said it “doesn’t send emails or text messages that ask you to confirm your personal details or payment information, such as for a vehicle tax refund”.

Drivers who suspect they are being targeted by scam emails or texts are urged to report the incident by sending the details to the Government’s dedicated internet scam and phishing website


Martin Freye    on 16 July 2018

If was caught out by this scam last month, fortunately in time to stop it. DVLA told me they Never send texts for refunds, only letters.

John of Gloster    on 16 July 2018

The World is full of crooks. Many forming long queues to access Mug Brits. Similarly, if you get a phone call from someone with an obvious non-British accent, chances are they are operating a scam so BEWARE.

Recently retired I spend much time at home now so can answer landline calls which previously went unanswered. Sometimes I receive as many as seven such Scam calls on a single day! Using their phone number if shown on 1471, a search on the web usually reveals someone been there done that as yet another scam.

Keep 'em peeled. ... and your ears.. ;-)

SouthernDervish    on 16 July 2018

Had so many scam calls I got really p****ed off. Got BT call guardian. Now somebody has to say their name and you listen and press button to accept. Great - no more auto - computer calls, I have had no scam calls for 5 years. You star you friends and family - who then get right through , no problem.AND I dont work for BT.

   on 16 July 2018

With respect to Martin, I don't get how people are still caught out with scams. Always, always, always put the phone down or ignore the message then call the company they're pretending to be separately to confirm. Never, ever go along with click-on-link requests for anything financial. I have had at least 100 calls from 'TalkTalk's tech dept' and I enjoy asking them if they think it's right to scam people before giving them an earful and blocking the number.

Dave Sheffield    on 16 July 2018

I was sent one of these about two months ago, claiming I was owed about £200 pounds. There were only three things that spoilt their scam, 1) DVLA will only write via Royal Mail. 2)The way it was written was rather let down by their comic attempt to make it sound legal, the biggest failure is how they refer to it as road tax which the DVLA never do,it's real name is Vehicle Excise Duty (VED). 3) Unknown to whoever sent the rubbish, I am on the Motability scheme and being disabled I don't even pay VED!!. As it happens I never give personal/bank details, either over the internet or on the 'phone.

paula cheadle    on 16 July 2018

I had one of these texts on May 28th, I did not reply, I emailed my local police station

Karen's kars    on 17 July 2018

Respect to Paula, who's this organisation called the "police" , sorry they are a waste of public money about time it was privatised and paid on results.

soldierboy000    on 17 July 2018

Who's this woman called Karen, she is so funny it's time she was silenced to save us all from dieing of laughter.

mr julian beattie    on 17 July 2018

its good that people are letting other people know about these scamps some of them are not illegal there is one that looks like .gov web site asking for money for a cars mot history the real .gov website will not charge you always check web site info top of your computer first

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