Councils to Get Power to Impose 40 Limits on Rural Roads

An increase in injury crashes on rural roads has led to the publication of updated speed limit guidance for local authorities.

Released "for consultation", the guidance provides up-to-date advice to aid greater consistency of speed limits on local roads across England. It incorporates recent changes that have increased flexibility for local authorities to implement 20mph limits and zones where it can be shown that they benefit road safety and quality of life.

It also gives authorities more information about the new speed limit appraisal web tool which will help authorities fully assess the impact of any change to a speed limit in their area.

Road Safety Minister Mike Penning said:

"It is vital that speed limits are suitable for local conditions and councils are best placed to determine what these limits are, based on local knowledge and the views of the community.

"To help, we are publishing updated guidance for consultation. This includes a number of initiatives we have introduced to improve road safety, including making it easier for local authorities and communities to put in place 20 mph schemes, or use common-sense measures such as variable speed limits outside schools.

"Road safety is a top priority and the guidance - along with the speed limit appraisal web tool - will help councils make evidence based decisions to introduce local speed limits that reflect the needs of all road users."

The revision of the guidance and the introduction of an economic tool to help authorities assess the full costs and benefits of any proposed schemes were a commitment in the Department for Transport's Strategic Framework for Road Safety published last year.

The guidance is aimed at local authorities in England.

The final guidance, after "Consultation" is expected to be published by the end of 2012.

The web tool, also to be launched later this year, is being developed with input from road safety groups and local authorities.

The consultation documenty is available in pdf form from:

BBC link


mike    on 17 July 2012

but surely 40mph limits are unenforceable or at least unenforced?  try  telling mr white van man or ms barely out of her teens citroen saxophoniste  that 20/40mph speed limits have any logical purpose other than to  their curb his/her freedom   

Wukl    on 18 July 2012

Cynically, I'd say by spreading 40mph to as many rural roads as possible this policy is aimed more at giving electric cars a fighting chance to do a decent daily range than it is to do with road safety. Anyway. much as I'd miss de-restricted roads, at least I have shares in a road sign company...

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