Thule launches range of dog crates for cars

Thule has launched a new range of dog crates for cars designed to 'set a new standard in safe dog transportation'.

The Thule Allax range marks the first venture into dog-related car products for the Thule brand which is well known for its roofboxes and roofbars.

Launching in November, the Thule Allax will be available in ten different sizes with the recommended price ranging from £489.99 (for the smallest XS size) to £719.99 (for the largest XXL). A 'Fit Assistant' will be available on the Thule website to help dog owners find the most suitable size.

The Allax has been designed to withstand the toughest crash tests as well as being user-friendly and stylish.

"The Thule Allax dog crate has been rigorously crash-tested in real-life scenarios, like frontal and rear-end crash tests. Our innovative crumple-zone is a unique design feature," explains Louise Melin, Product Manager at Thule Group.

Melin explains that in a rear-end collision, a crumple zone allows the crate to be compressed in a controlled way to minimise the risk of injury for passengers in the back seats, while also ensuring that your dog stays safe.

Being a Thule product, you can expect high quality and Thule is keen to highlight the crate's long lasting materials, a door that opens and closes smoothly plus a built-in security lock. It also promises it doesn't rattle while you drive.

The Thule Allax is the first of many dog transport products to be launched by Thule, all with the focus on safety.

Ask HJ

What's a good dog-friendly cheap car?

I'm looking for a large dog-friendly car, my budget is around £4000 so looking at old estates and SUVs etc. What is the best option and petrol or diesel? I like the Ford Mondeo and Honda C-RV as an example of each.
A petrol is likely to be the most reliable choice, especially with a £4000 budget. A Honda CR-V would be a good purchase - it's a reliable and practical SUV, although you will be looking at fairly old examples so expect slightly higher than normal maintenance costs. We'd recommend a Toyota RAV4, too - or a Skoda Octavia, if you'd prefer an estate car.
Answered by Andrew Brady
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