Highways England responds to M25 and M1 speed camera warnings

Published 10 January 2019

Social media reports of M25 and M1 speed cameras 'going live' from January are being dismissed as fake news by Highways England.

Stories started circulating on social media and web forums on 6 January, with claims that every overhead speed camera on the M1 and M25 would be active by the next day. The posts conclude with a warning that the details of every driver that exceeds 70mph would be sent to a main hub for an instant ticket. The reports have been rubbished by Highways England.

“Safety cameras on smart motorways are set by each regional police force, we are unaware of any sweeping changes to the entire camera network on either the M1 or M25,” a spokesperson for Highways England told HonestJohn.co.uk.

Smart motorways are in place for large parts of the M1 and M25, with traffic monitoring tech and speed cameras used to control the flow during peak times. And while Highways England admits that some speed cameras will revert back to the national limit of 70mph when the variable limit ends, it denies claims that every single one can be switched on to catch out speeding motorists.

“It simply isn’t possible to activate or deactivate every single speed camera on the M1 or M25 at the press of a button,” said Highways England. “Our priority is driver safety. We have no idea where these rumours came from." 

The minimum penalty for speeding in the UK is a £100 fine and three penalty licence points, although some drivers will be offered a speed awareness course if it’s a first offence or they have not been on a course in the past three years


conman    on 10 January 2019

What a load of waffle by Highways England basically the hype was true every speed camera on the M1 and M25 could be on issuing drivers that exceed the variable and national speed limit with a fine and points on their licence. Great idea SMART MOTORWAYS !!!!!

diddy1234    on 11 January 2019

not very SMART if you get caught by one at 72mph !

Cjtykes    on 11 January 2019

i thought or heard a few years ago, that the over head cameras wernt used now, and had been replaced by the yellow camera which is mounted on the offside or the gantrys, least they have them up here in Yorkshire and they do flash. i havnt seen the over head cameras flash for a long time

   on 11 January 2019

I do wish they would stop calling them "safety cameras" in some covert attempt at making them more acceptable. They are Speed cameras, period! They monitor and enforce speed. They do not directly impact safety.! This lazy (and draconian) obsession with a few mph over the speed limit, is ridiculous.

Unfortunately, it's far too easy to just squeeze the motorist in the name of 'safety' when the reality is you rarely see a police car on the road and people now are driving inches from the car in front, tapping away on their phones and generally getting pretty aggressive with eachother. But so long as you do all that below the speed limit, it's fine..(excuse the pun).

The reason for all this is that cameras pay for themselves in no time. Having police officers driving around enforcing offenses that require statements and evidence etc, costs time and money. 'Highways Agency', don't give me any ol guff about this being about safety.. This is lazy, draconian nannying, with the emphasis on money over safety.

And the good ol British motorist just grumbles about it on forums like this (including me) whilst accepting everything that's thrown at us.

Engineer Andy    on 11 January 2019

If the authorities really thought these were purely 'safety devices', then they'd be hauling people to the courts for bans and custodial sentences instead of three penalty points on their licences and fines.

IrishNeil    on 13 January 2019

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John B Stryge    on 14 January 2019

I do wish they would stop calling them "safety cameras" in some covert attempt at making them more acceptable. They are Speed cameras, period! --- I'm sorry, you still have it wrong. The correct name is "REVENUE CAMERA".

Statistical outlier    on 14 January 2019

Even more correctly, they are the enforcement method for the “stupidity and/or inattention” tax. They really are remarkably easy to be unaffected by.

Alex Bruce    on 11 January 2019

If the regional police and highways agency don't fairly represent the population of drivers, there could be a risk of recent rebellion in France spreading to the UK. This would undermine the original purpose of the digital highways: To keep the roads flowing. edition.cnn.com/2019/01/10/europe/gilets-jaunes-sp.../

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Paul Harney    on 14 January 2019

Lets hope so Alex....

   on 11 January 2019

I oppose the speed limits' rigidity as much as the next man. In fact I once advocated their complete abolition in favour of swingeing fines for careless and dangerous driving, leaving the actual speed to the judgement of the driver according to road and traffic conditions.

BUT ... so long as the law provides for a limit, whether it is actively enforced or not, it is our duty as loyal citizens to keep to it.

It shouldn't matter whether a camera is there or not, is on or not, if there's a limit we should keep to it. If everyone did so there would be fewer accidents, fewer near misses, and any accidents that did occur would be less serious.

jonnytttt    on 12 January 2019

Unless it's the dead of night you would be lucky to get up past the speed limit on the M1 or the M25 so traffic regulates itself quite well. Just watch for the yellow SPECS camera on the side of the gantry, simples!

IrishNeil    on 13 January 2019

"They are Speed cameras, period! They monitor and enforce speed. They do not directly impact safety.! This lazy (and draconian) obsession with a few mph over the speed limit, is ridiculous. "

Comments like this usually come from people who live comfortably detached from the effects of car crashes.

I work in a busy NHS and have seen the dramatic life changing effects of car collisions on the fragile human body, that we so easily think is indestructable when held loosely by nylon straps within a 1 ton metal box on rubber wheels.

I've been witness to the mess a metal on metal collison can cause to adults of all ages, all occupations includng Police officers, Ambulance crews, Blood Bank motorcyclists, school bus drivers, children, teenagers, dogs, horses and the odd swan.

When 1 ton of metal hits the human body at anything over TEN miles an hour, there are serious life changing consequences.

Yet we all drive that few miles over the safe limit, like a squadron of Red Arrows who never met nor trained together, all aligned side by side or in front or behind, at speeds we cant relate to nor agree upon and we remain oblivious to our fellow travellers.

Limits are there for a reason, like life, we only live for a limited amount of time. So slow down and enjoy life while you can!

Neil Littman    on 14 January 2019

Correct me if I am wrong, but the yellow cameras are ONLY installed if there has been a fatality on a stretch of motorway or dual carriageway. If after three years there are no more accidents it is possible for the cameras to be removed.

Hence the variable speed limits on the A40 for example. By contrast the average speed cameras were originally installed to keep traffic flows working efficiently and avoid bottlenecks particularly at roadworks where lanes were narrowed.

The problem is when they are set at 50mph on clear roads for no apparent reason. The scheme on the M25 set up years ago with advisory limits also works well.

And the cost of the average fatality is as much as £1m with the number of services and people involved in any capacity as I have learned on a speed awareness course.

JimR    on 11 February 2019

So you are the one who believes everything they are told on a speed awareness course.

Maxonian    on 14 January 2019

Just keep to the limit and you’ll have no problem. The fact remains on ordinary roads that if you’re a pedestrian then crossing a road in a 30mph limit area is downright fatal if someone is doing 38 because they think it’s safe. We could do without limits if everyone were intelligent drivers but not all are. Too many speed freaks.

DrTeeth    on 14 January 2019

I wish I could stick to the speed limit! Too many idiots doing much less than the speed limit in lanes 2 or 3 when they could move over. If it is as difficult as it is to get these drivers to move over, why is it considered dangerous to pass on their nearside?

Speed does not cause accidents, bad driving does.

Mot Centre Reading Ltd    on 21 January 2019

I Totally agree with you bad driving causes accidents especially on Motorways and not speed at all, There should be no speed limit on a motorway you should be allowed to drive as fast as the road in front of you allows you to , putting speed cameras on the motorway is there for one thing only raising money it is just another stealth tax on the motorist who has no choice but to drive to work as public transport is not available for the route he or she has to take to get to work.

what is the speed limit in country's such as Germany 140 mph plus i dont see anybody campaigning to get the speed limit reduced there i have experienced the autobahns in Germany and they work very well, to many people at the top taking loads of money and to many people claiming benefits when they could work sort that out and then perhaps the people that work god damn hard could pay less tax and not having to keep paying speeding tickets, parking tickets and all the other spin that goes towards the treasury to pay for there posh tea and biscuits

Autobahnhoff    on 14 January 2019

If you want to go very fast, go to Germany, look out for the derestricted sign and away you go...

   on 14 January 2019

Please just adhere to the rules everyone. They apply to you as much as to the next person. No exceptions.

flumff    on 14 January 2019

Stick to the limit, so simple. I have driven 1.5 million, for work,
clean licence. Retired now, thank god.
What is this obsession with speed?
Fast food, super fast broadband, fastrack everywhere!
Its no good sitting up in a hospital bed, shouting I had right of way!
Drive as if your not insured, there is a good chance the guy
who hits you, wont be.
I want to sleep in my own bed tonight, not some hospital bed.

Old Smokey    on 14 January 2019

All speed is dangerous. The only safe way to use cars is to precede each car with a man waving a red flag in front, to warn pedestrians and other road users.

John B Stryge    on 14 January 2019

One way to solve unemployment.

DrTeeth    on 14 January 2019

The driving is so bad nowadays, that traffic police would pay for themselves if they did their jobs properly!

   on 14 January 2019

It's very simple..if you don't speed you won't get a ticket and you will have no worries, no points and no fine.

Around 1800 people in the UK in 2016 were killed or seriously injured on UK roads in cars and if you asked any of them the day before they would have probably said that they were a great driver!!

OK speed in all of those collisions may not have been the only factor but they clearly could not stop in time to avoid the crash wether it was their fault or not and they clearly didn't make it to the end of their journey which is very sad.

You have to always be able to stop in the distance that you can see to be clear on your side of the road.

Driving is actually a privilege and not a right and we have a duty to be the best drivers that we can be at all times.

Andrew Greening    on 14 January 2019

Any Gantry mounted Camera with the 'Indicator lines' on the road below are SPEED Cameras and nothing else, it's simple, whatever the indicated limit exceed it at your own risk and don't bleat about getting fined.

Smart motorways devised by 'Smart People' and are used in the main by 'Not very Smart' motorists who carry on as though it does not mean it is meant for them.

Personally I find Smart Motorways are a major problem in that with the variance of posted limits the jackasses in cars stamp on their brakes at the last second leading to 'SHOCKWAVE stoppages in which those dozy idiots following end up rear ending some other unfortunate with the resultant increase in traffic queues further down the line.
It was a cheap shot at extending the use of motorways in the cheapest manner possible and is in reality a backward step, I state this as a result of broken down motors being left in 'live' lanes where visibility is limited and the overhead gantry signs not yet engaged

Making a sharp turn to the right in a fully loaded artic.is dangerous and will have a catastrophic result and very soon.it will occur especially on the M25.

Paul Harney    on 14 January 2019

Completely agree Andrew..

DLDLDL    on 14 January 2019

Another agreeing

The trouble with "Smart Motorways" (a.k.a. de-engineered motorways), apart from the ludicrous hard-should running, is the information overload.

In congestion you want to key your eyes on those around you and the lane you are trying to stay in. Having to watch regular gantries where speed limits may "smartly change" and as a consequence keep an even closer eye on your speedometer and concentrate on your absolute speed rather than your relative speed.

We don't all have head up displays with actual speed displayed alongside the current limit.

retired surveyor    on 14 January 2019

I set my cruse control at 70 when on the motorway but find cars etc going by me. The most dangerous thing I see is undertaking and not keeping the right distance to the car in front. Brake lights coming on as a result of travelling to close. Lorry drivers are also travelling to close to the one in front. Safety cameras of course pick up all these dangerous things as well as using a mobile phone while driving, having a drink while driving, smoking while driving. These things makes travelling a few mph over the limit look very safe to me. Bring back the police on the motorway and scrap the so called safely cameras and the motorway world would be a safer place.

Ima Poster    on 14 January 2019

Re: "I set my cruse control at 70" - if you set if from the speedo, then you are probably setting it at 66-67mph. Check it on a level road using GPS. Does need to be a level road though, as a hill would make the GPS speed less accurate.

retired surveyor    on 14 January 2019

I am miles ahead of you having been a surveyor I used GPS alot. I checked the Speedo some time ago and 72 on the clock relates to near enough 70. Therefore I set the curse at 72. GPS is good on the flat as you say but there are other factors involved thst affect the result. Line of sight, weather conditions and how many satellites you have locked on to. I did more than one check to make sure the reading was right then checked the reading over a given distance make sure. I was surprised to find the Speedo reading was that close.

NickNike    on 14 January 2019

Used to be a time when you could park where you needed to within reason and drive as you wanted to. It all used to be fun. It's stressful driving on these motorways. You may stick to the limit, but lower forms of animal life will find you a nuisance and tailgate, or cut in to show they are 'superior'. There is a lot of animal behaviour shown on our roads. Driving was fun but now stressful and I think this makes driving more dangerous. There's too much to concentrate on now and does not allow the driver to just concentrate on just driving. Pity.

hissingsid    on 14 January 2019

In Somerset the fixed speed cameras have not worked for years, and the locals know this.
The Police withdrew from the Safety Camera Partnership because they were having to pay all the costs of operating and maintaining the system whilst receiving none of the proceeds.
If the authorities really want to put safety first, the cameras should be sited on junctions controlled by traffic lights, to dissuade the red light runners who I see getting away with their dangerous driving on a daily basis.

Lisa marsh    on 14 January 2019

Well yesterday maybe milton keys or luton on the m1 the apeed limit in the red circle changed yo 60 then 50 then 60 again as i was approaching the 50 mile stretch i didnt realise it changed to 50 so as i was approaching i went through it at 60 im so paranoid would i get a speeding ticket because of it? Someone help me

Mot Centre Reading Ltd    on 21 January 2019

Your very unlucky if you get a ticket lisa if you have i would appeal it under the law being 70mph not because they have reduced the limit to suit them dishing out tickets

JackIoW    on 14 January 2019

If you keep within the limits then there is no problem. I am fed up with Speeders moaning about Cameras. Wait until you have the misfortune to be killed by one when it will be too late to change your tune.

John of Gloster    on 14 January 2019

Until the increasingly lower driving standards are addressed, fining folks for exceeding a speed limit will do little to rid our roads of the real menace, habitual bad and dangerous drivers I see now just about any trip, long or short.

With so many folks stressed up to their eyeballs chasing money on our roads, with phone to their ears and their boss yelling "Where the hell are you, you should have been here two hours ago", things can only get ... worse. There ought to be a law against it!

Apparently phone use whilst driving is illegal... Who knew? As a glance at many of those in charge of a vehicle on our roads, particularly HGV drivers, usually left hand drive non-UK plates trucks, will soon confirm.

Mind you, "nice little earners" those so called speed cameras. THAT is now their main purpose and no amount of issue dodging of the real dangers on the road will change that anytime soon.

It's what us Brits really excel at doing. Getting far too many important things quite simply ... WRONG!

"I.m going as fast as I can Boss... I'll be there soo.. OMG!"... KEEEERRRRRUNCH.

Lisa marsh    on 14 January 2019

Does anyone know if i could possibly get a speeding ticket as i was maybe milton keys or luton the speed limit changed in the red circle to 60 then 50 then 60 again! As i was approaching the 50 mile stretch i didnt see it properly till i got to the 50 sign and i must of went through it at 55 or 60 could i possibly face a speeding ticket? Would tbe camera be set at 50 or would it stay at 70? For just that time and period

Edited by Lisa marsh on 14/01/2019 at 15:07

jcwconsult    on 14 January 2019

Speed cameras on the M25 and M1 Motorways are larcenous devices that will fine mostly safe drivers who endangered no one. This is especially true for the sections with variable limits because strictly following the variable limits often takes away the ability of the driver to judge the best distances they are following the vehicles ahead and being followed by the vehicles behind them. The cameras have no ability to judge driver behavior, only the ability to collect money from mostly safe drivers.
James C. Walker, (US) National Motorists Association, frequent UK visitor to see family

Howard Buchanan    on 14 January 2019

No-one so far has mentioned the official breakdown figures for causes of serious and fatal road incidents. 85% are down to driver error, mechanical faults account for 2% and inappropriate speed the remaining 13%.
So speed is a MINOR cause of serious injury and death on the roads. However, monitoring it is the only course that will raise any revenue for the authorities through fines and speed awareness courses. Addressing the major cause- driver error- makes no money at all; in fact, it would COST a vast amount to implement the necessary compulsory driver education projects.
That's why it won't happen and why the speed cash-cow will continue to be milked.
P.S. A lecturer at the only speed awareness course I have attended admitted to the class when I raised the subject at question time that the driver error figure was probably over 90%+ rather than the official 85%. That left a lot of us wondering what the hell we were doing there.

gavsmit    on 14 January 2019

Those saying this isn't a problem as long as you don't break the speed limit are missing the point and not considering the full implications of these ridiculous 'smart' motorway setups.

There is a huge list of other ways bad drivers drive dangerously that all this lazy 'smart' motorway automation and 'safety' cameras are never going to address. They are also causing accidents too.

Just one example which leads to someone innocent being treated like a criminal is when someone else is hogging a lane (sometimes whilst doing something else that's bad like using their mobile phone). This leads to other people either undertaking dangerously or trying to pass in one of the available overtaking lanes - but then the idiot hogging the lane (and driving slow) then finishes their mobile phone conversation or whatever they are daydreaming about and speeds up - leaving the poor driver trying to overtake them with no option but to creep past the speed limit in order to pass them safely (as they now have another idiot tailgating them and flashing them to speed up - that tailgating driver might be one of the many around London who are immune from 'safety' camera prosecution because they have false number plates).

I see this kind of scenario all the time on the M25 and it drives me up the wall.

I've also witnessed so many near misses where the traffic has just suddenly stopped when someone has broken down on a 'smart' motorway with no hard shoulder and couldn't reach one of the ridiculous emergency bays. The sudden stop is usually caused by a driver of a commercial vehicle with no rear windows driving too close to the vehicle in front then realising they have to stop suddenly, then the people behind the commercial vehicle, who can't see the break down through the non-existent rear windows, don't immediately realise they are going to have to either stop or change lanes quickly, leading to a pile-up.

Another thing I've noticed is the fines for suddenly closed lanes marked with a cross. I was traveling in heavy, but moving, traffic on the M25 not long ago, with all lanes marked as free to use. The traffic started to build up more in all lanes except the nearside lane, but as I was taking the next exit, stayed in that lane. Then a cross appeared in my lane on the next overhead sign, after the traffic had slowed to a standstill in all the other lanes, thus leading to everyone panicking to get out of that lane for fear of getting a fine - so slamming on their brakes again to force their way into the stationary traffic in the other lanes, thus nearly causing accidents, but also a fair amount of road rage too.

So anyone supporting these ridiculous 'smart' motorways, or naive absolutes such as 'no excuses for speeding' or 'obey the lane closure signs without question' need to employ some common sense to realise nothing is ever as straight forward as it seems, unless you're a lazy politician obsessed with generating revenue and cutting policing, or quoting meaningless statistics to give yourself a pat on the back to justify voting yourself a huge annual payrise (no matter what the political party).

Andrew Greening    on 19 January 2019

You appear to be one of those 'Motorists' who fail to see the point ( see my previous Missive) if you keep to the advised limit then you have no problem, Yes! there are those selfish stupid b******s who inhabit our roadways who think nothing of taking a chance and who treat the motorway as a race track, however as a Driver of a LGV 1 it is seldom a Truck which causes the problem but the usual cause is a dipstick car driver who has sod all idea of what to do , slams on the brakes and causes a major problem with their stupid antics.

Seen too many idiots in cars who drive past the red X signs at speed and then pull over into a live lane at the last second, THEY are the chief cause of the many crashes on the M25. An LGV 1 is hardly a road rocket and I have lost count of the stupid jerks in cars who drop in front of me and then hit their brake leaving me with little room to brake or reduce speed so as not to flatten the m****.

Get off your high horse and accpt you are part of the problem

Mot Centre Reading Ltd    on 21 January 2019

Totally disagree with you i have lost count how many times a lorry driver has pulled out of the inside lane into the middle lane and i have had to pull over into the fast lane and lucky for me nothing was ever coming up the fast lane to career into me , if they dont do that then they try to overtake their colleague when they are both restricted to 56mph but they are hellbent on overtaking when they should be banned totally from the middle lane , they cause 50% of accidents on motorways because of their blatant bad driving but they have this attitude that i am bigger than you and i can do what i b***** well want , when they see a accident that they have caused they do not stop so they get away with it time and time again.

Andrew Greening    on 21 January 2019

Where is your evidence that LGV drivers are involved in 50% of collisions ? Some LGV's are limited to 56 some to 52 so why should they be banned from Lane 2 when they have the speed capability to get by ? A ridiculous argument especially as most LGV's will be travelling hundreds of miles at a time for deliveries

Yes I too have seen LGV's pull out in front of cars travelling in Lane 2 and them having to move to Lane 3, that said I have indicated and pulled over into lane 2 myself to see the inattentive pratt in his/her car almost hit the rear end of my vehicle that or the ignorant m**** continues in Lane 2 in which case I can understand why some LGV drivers DO pull straight out because they get fed up with ignorant car drivers who fail to act allowing an LGV to pass a slower vehicle..

Same idiots who pass me in my truck then pull in front, THEN BRAKE !!, leaving me to hit my brakes to stop them from becoming another statistic on the road crushed by up to 44 tonnes

In ANY collision involving an LGV the Police will always look at the LGV driver first and foremost because he/she has the biggest vehicle regardless of fault or blame. Myself I am always pleased to drive any LGV with a Cab mounted camera as this sorts out blame straight away as in any crash Drivers WILL Lie.

There are bad drivers in Cars, Buses, LGV's of all denominations and Motorcycles.and I have seen smelt and dealt with all of them

The bad driver scene is NOT limited to LGV's alone which you solely as a car driver have little understanding of the driving requirements needed especially on crowded motorways

DLDLDL    on 21 January 2019

HGVs "pulling out to the middle lane"

Wish the motorways (and dual carriageways) I drove on had "middle lanes". Too often I find that an HGV is in the "outside lane" (of two) crawling past another, with a queue of cars behind who got blocked when the HGV pulled out.

Then you get clowns tearing down the inside lane past the queue and trying to cut out into the queue when they find the HGV rolling block. So if an HGV pulls out in front of you, do you pull into the inside lane to avoid forming a queue and then not get a chance to pull out again to overtake the original overtaken HGV - all those in the queue feel (with justification?) that they should be able to overtake both the HGVs which have held them up for a number of miles?

A single instance probably only delays you for a few minutes, but on two lane roads there are multiple instances. A "block" caused by two HGVs overtaking gives a bit of clear road ahead which allows another HGV to pull out causing another block for the newly released cars to queue up behind!

But what are HGV drivers meant to do on two lane roads? Just accept that they should not overtake and travel at 50mph behind a slower HGV rather than at 60mph - which has a huge impact on transit times and driver hours!

JIM HILL    on 14 January 2019

Before anybody makes comment, it should be assured that we all know fundamentally who is paying for the installation of the cameras. I would guess that is a private sponsor of the Highways Dept
When you know this, it's easy to figure what the 1st and real motive/interests are. Probably not road safety!

Tomsk    on 15 January 2019

The infrastructure of our highways will always include technology of some sort, and it will cost money, and it will be paid for by the tax payer, get used to it, that is normal (who do you think pays for the police, the emergency services and so on).

What is I think inevitable is that the infrastructure is building towards toll fees. Deterrent fee charging to persuade people not to drive is idiotic in that the alternatives are laughable, the cohesion of the public transport links and services is just embarrassing.

Smart motorways work just fine until someone breaks down, I would like to see how many break downs have been slammed into by other road users against the same for hard shoulders..

Whether or not the camera are on or off, bleating about getting caught for speeding is childish. Its the law, just the same as stopping at a red light. The fact that the technology is smart enough to catch you...deal with it you are breaking the law.

Personally I would like to see more police around and deal with the real drop in driving standardsI have observed over the last 10 years, overtaking on the left, jumping lights and all manner of illegal manoeuvres which endanger life and limb.

Stetrue    on 22 January 2019

In over 40 years of driving I've received 3 speeding offences. Every one was from a mobile van speed camera situated in a position that was picked purely to trap drivers. Each time I was not excessively over the limit so my opinion was that I was not purposely speeding. I believe that two things should change to improve safety, particularly on motorways. First, more HVGs should travel at night time thereby reducing traffic volume during the day. Second, speed limits on motorways should increase to 85mph after 10.30pm. Not everyone is going to drive at that speed but when on long motorway journeys, late at night, it makes all the difference.
Imagine what the M6 & M1 would be like during the day with two thirds of HGVs missing.

Andrew Greening    on 23 January 2019

1.Been driving for 47 years now and still have a clean licence, that's not to say I'm squeaky clean because like all Motorists/Drivers I am not and have exceeded speed limits in the past.

2.You don't get points for just being over the limit but exceeding it way past what you should be doing.

3.Many Companies use the LGV's at night as they know they will not be held up in traffic jams as much as they are in the day. Unfortunately as LGV drivers are not ALL night owls then by default they need to use the roads at all hours day and night, unless of course you want your supermarket to run out of stock during the day as nowadays they and most other firms utilise the 'As it is required' items to run factories etc.

5. Increase limit on Motorway to 85 after 10.30, well lighting will limit the amount of road you can see ahead and at 85 you'll be amongst the wreckage before you can react to what has occurred. Animals crossing the system will have a major wrecking potential at that speed as will loads that have fallen off, tyres which have blown etc.etc. So you may well NOT make it to where you want to go but end up in a coffin 20 years too early.

6. I'm imagining what the M1/M5/M6/M25 would be like without two thirds of the cars.on them during daytime

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