Buying a new crossover: petrol or diesel?

Diesel always offers higher average mpg ratings on paper, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it always provides the lowest overall running costs compared to a petrol equivalent; diesel costs more at the pumps and there’s always a purchase premium, so it often takes unfeasibly high mileages to claw back the diesel premium in mpg savings.

Here are 10 of our favourite crossovers, with like-for-like petrol and diesel versions compared to show which is the most cost-effective over the long term. 

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Jeep Renegade - petrol 

Diesel requires 50,531 miles to break even

We’re giving this one to petrol because Real MPG shows that Renegade diesel owners are only achieving economy in the mid-40s from the 1.6-litre MultiJet. As it’s unlikely you’re going to put huge mileage into your Renegade, or keep it past the three-year point, a front-wheel drive petrol version is probably your best bet.

Of course, if you do plan on keeping a Renegade beyond the 50,000 miles it will take the diesel to break even, that’s the one that makes sense. 


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