Land Rover Discovery 2 (2002 – 2004) Review

Land Rover Discovery 2 (2002 – 2004) At A Glance


+Fantastic off-road ability and a reasonable drive on tarmac. Excellent visibility. New Five-cylinder diesel engine. Can carry up to seven people.

-Reliability is a constant worry. Heavily criticised by owners in 2005 JD Power Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Extensive facelift of Discovery 2 distinguished by new lights, new five-cylinder diesel engine and 700 improvements.

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Who needs to pay for my rotten Land Rover chassis?
"I bought a Land Rover from a local garage 20 month ago, after eight months an MoT was due, which it failed for chassis rot. I had it repaired which I thought meant the problem was corrected, however 12 months later the vehicle is condemned at the MOT as the whole chassis has rotted. I have only used the vehicle on the road and nothing else. I found out that the previous garage owner had been putting it in and out of salt water to launch his boat. Would he culpable to pay for the repair? I paid £5000 for the the vehicle in the first place."
No, absolutely nothing to do with the original owner because you did not buy it from him. And because the failure occurred more than six months from the date you bought the car the onus in court would be on you to prove that it was rotten when you bought it. You might win this one, but I don't think you will. It will sell on as a project car to someone who is happy to replace the chassis.
Answered by Honest John
What large 4x4 for £5k?
"I'm looking to buy a seven-seater 4x4 for about £5k. Looking at XC90 2003/04, Discovery 2001/2002 or any other one which have not thought about? Looking for reliability and comfort not so much running costs."
For £5k none of these are going to be reliable. Stark fact.
Answered by Honest John
Category B write-offs
"I've been looking at buying a Land Rover Discovery 2 off someone I know who has had it for the last four years, but it is category B - long story but basically Land Rover owned it from new and after couple months it got roof damaged. Land Rover and their insurers argued about what the solution would be. Anyway, they ended up putting it as category B because land rover wouldn't agree. It has since been VIC checked and is taxed and has been mot'd for the last 6+ years. It it ok to use? Many thanks."
See: The vehicle should have been crushed, but can be used off road on private land. It can never be put back on the road.
Answered by Honest John
Reversal of fortune
"My girlfriend was driving her BMW convertible in Ascot and was waiting stationary at a T junction behind a Land Rover Discovery. The car in front of the Land Rover went to pull out then hesitated half way before then trying to reverse back. In turn the Land Rover reversed back hitting the front of our BMW despite my girlfriend sounding the horn. The lady got out of her car and admitted liability at the scene stating she was driving her husband's car as she had a broken her ankle whilst also wearing a cast/boot and had not seen her given the BMW’s low ride height. They exchanged details and but she has now changed her story to say my girlfriend drove into her. The insurance company has been out to see our BMW and estimate repairs of over £1,500. My girlfriend was stationary when the accident happened. I question should this lady have been driving with a cast on her foot and was she fit to be driving a motor car. As there are no witnesses to verify events so how can my girlfriend demonstrate she was not instrumental in causing the accident, are there specialist independent assessors who can prove this was not her fault by means of checking the engine management systems of the vehicles involved? More importantly now the BMW will be recorded as damaged it will affect the re-sale value how can one claim compensation and still protect her insurance NCB? We would very much appreciate your thoughts on the matter."
Take the matter to The Small Claims Track of the County Court. Sue the woman with the cast directly. Inform your insurer that this is what you propose to do in order to recover any losses incurred as a result of the woman's lies. She probably won't lie in court because her solicitor will tell her that the penalty for perjury even in a civil court can be a prison sentence. If she does continue to lie, the fact she was wearing a cast at the time (and should not have been driving at all) will destroy her story. Any photos taken at the time (camera or mobile phone) will help.
Answered by Honest John
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