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Can anyone tell me what could be wrong and how expensive it could be to fix. Yesterday I left the lights on and when I returned to car it wouldn't start. Called the RaC who after a very long wait sent a Sub contractor out. He parked his van directly behind the car and I told him I had left lights on and now car battery was dead. He got a starter battery pack asked me to try starting car which it did first time. He then left quickly, so I started to put the car into gear so I could reverse out of parking space. Thats when I realised I couldn't select a gear, all lights were lit, the windscreen wipers wouldn't work, the windows wouldn't go down, and there were 4 red dots showing that were never there before on the rear parking sensors. After another call to rac and waiting another 2 hours a second sub contractor arrived and said he had no idea what had happened except power surge had damaged the wiring. In the end they called for a recovery truck and just delivered the car back home 7 hours after my call for help. So this morning I called again asking for a proper RAC patrol man to attend. He checked it out and also said he thinks the first chap had messed up the jumpstart and had either fried the ECU controlling auxillary lights etc or shorted out some wiring. Now I was told that I would need to fight it out with customer care which doesn't work weekends! So I am left carless facing large repair bills. Any ideas please?

Chrysler Grand Voyager - Problems after jumpstart - Oli rag

Sounds like the first bloke reversed the polarity.

Chrysler Grand Voyager - Problems after jumpstart - elekie&a/c doctor

These cars are very prone to electrical issues after jump start or power surges.It is possible that the jump pack was incorrectly connected ,but i would firstly disconnect the battery for 10 mins and re-test.If this proves unsucessful.i would check the fuses in the engine bay fuse box.It is possible that one of the main power fuses has blown.hth


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