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Tried to follow HJ's advice... - Blue {P}
HJ - so my 71 year old grandmother decided that she defiantely wants a new(er) car after the exhaust dropped off her Corolla.

No problem I thought, so we went out to look at the New Micra and some nearly new Yaris's, based on your recommendation that this is one of the best small, sensible cars for a retired lady...

We ended up buying a 51 reg Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec with alloys, full climate pack, optional CD player and steering mounted remote. :)

Does anyone else have these sort of experiences? Like when my mam goes to the supermarket for milk and bread and comes back with enough stuff to feed a small country...

The car's a scream to drive though, very quick, really nice seats that grip you securely, and when I realised that I'd over done it on the approach to a roundabout during the test drive, I pressed the brakes and the car practically stood on it's front end! Fantastic stopping power :) Now I just need to get on her insurance....


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