Pug 106 Alternator Problems - chris_w
My 106 XND 1.5 (P-Reg, 56,000) has had 2 alternators go in the past 12 months... It has started making a noise again about 2,000 miles after my cambelt has been changed. The noise I am told is probably the bearings in the alternator (again), but took it back to the garage where they fitted the last alternator and they told me it was probably the cam belt tensioner. Anybody have an idea which one it is more likely to be?

They reckon it is 2 hours of labour to change the part, but this seems a little excessive to me, if it is the cambelt tensioner how much should I be looking to be pay? any advice would be good.


Pug 106 Alternator Problems - Dizzy {P}

My daughter's P-reg 106 has at least 70,000 miles on the clock and is on the original alternator. My son's 205 GTi went well over 100,000 miles before the alternator failed (regulator, not bearings). If you've had two, or perhaps three, fail there must be something wrong, like the belt tension or pulley alignment.

Peugeots are recognised as having very reliable cambelt adjusters and should be able to go many more miles than yours before trouble arises. I would have guessed at a minimum of 140,000 miles.

If you can find the space and not get in the way of moving parts, you could press a stick of wood or a long screwdriver on the alternator body and put your ear to the other end. If the alternator bearing is shot you should hear this very clearly.

If you are still not sure, it really shouldn't be difficult for a mechanic to determine exactly where the noise is emanating from. I would take it to someone who knows what they are doing!


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