Leather seats - Wally Zebon
Can anyone tell me what colour leather was available for Mk3 Vauxhall Cavaliers? I know it's hard for some people to believe that they came with leather seats, but they did. I just don't know what colours they came in.
Leather seats - Dynamic Dave
My Mk3 Cav Diplomat leather seats were black.
Leather seats - Jase
My CDX's (almost identical car to DD's Diplomat) are black. I've not seen another colour in Cavs, although some Calibras I've seen with cream leather. Don't know if the seat runners are the same and therefore you could put Calibra seats in Cavs?? Might need to check that the door cards fit if you go down this route.
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Leather seats - Dynamic Dave
Don't know if the seat runners are the same and therefore you
could put Calibra seats in Cavs??

I think the front's are the same, however I believe the back seats are different though.
Leather seats - RogerL
According to the 1995 Vauxhall Cavalier Brochure, the only colour trim for leather or velour on the Cavalier CDX was Anthracite (Black) although a lighter grey was available in velour on the GLS.

Fotunately, later Vauxhalls give a wider choice of trim colours, including three leathers on the Astra - Anthracite, Grey & Beige.
Leather seats - Dynamic Dave

Not sure if you're still contemplating changing over to Leather trim, but if you are, a couple of pointers for you from experience of having them in my Cavalier. Unless you also wire up the heaters in the seats, in the winter they're darn cold to sit on. In the summer they're too hot to sit on - remember those old vinyl seats? I had aircon in the Diplomat and even with that running, it was still uncomfortable as the black leather drew the suns rays like a magnet. Last thing, you'll need to "feed" the leather a couple of times a year to keep it supple and from cracking. Looks nice, but hard work keeping them that way.
Leather seats - RogerL
To add to Dynamic Dave's advice, most of the wiring for seat heaters is present, but hidden, on many Vauxhalls. They really are worth having at this time of year, whether leather or velour seats are fitted. Cavalier CDX's had sunroof as well as aircon, so it's worth using the sunroof blind when parked in summer to reduce the heat build up.
Leather seats - robert
You are right about the wiring. But its wiring TO the seat. Yiu also need heating element pads fitting IN the seat to connect to the car wiring. They arn't too expensive @ about £40 per seat. But fitting them is a long and fiddly process.



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