My Driver's liscense has been revoked - prettyflashy

HI All,

I am in a situation and dont know what to do. I was stopped by the police because they wanted to informed that my break light was not working. They entered my car number into they database and realised my license had been cancelled. they impounded my car.

The problems is when I left my previous address I did not have a permanent address. I was lodging with friends for short periods at a time so I did not change my address on my license and car documents. I have been told that my licensed was cancelled a fews months ago. I was give 6points and fined £400 by the courts and that is when my licensed was revoked.

Does anyone know what will happen when I explained this to DVLA and how long it will take to reinstate my license?

I need to get my car from the pound, my livelihood depends on it.


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My Driver's liscense has been revoked - Falkirk Bairn

3 x issues - your fault for not having current address on licence, picking up points for earlier charges - 6 pts and £400 - obviously not just a parking fine!

1) Getting car back - you need Ins Cert with another named driver covered. Storage bill is rising by the day.

2) DVLA will take time to sort out

3) Police will charge you as driving without a licence (& insurance?? maybe/maybe not- depends on your policy wording) - this will involve ££s+ lots of points - you have 6 already so possible ban unless 2) settled in your favour. Banned driver status looms large.

Your spelling is bad!

My Driver's liscense has been revoked - Mike H

FB, shame on you - see ;-)


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