VW Audio lead - Tim Allcott
This is the sort of thing someone might have lying around somewhere...
Have a '97 'R' plate Passat. VW Gamma head unit (the EARLY version with 'Gamma' written under the volume control)
Have just fitted Panasonic DP9060 changer in the boot, and bought a 'bus' lead. The connection lead I have (from Autoleads, via Halfords) for the 'bus lead to the head unit has a NEW ISO connecter (small) at one end, and an 8 pin 'DIN' socket, 2 audio plugs, and a fused, permanent, live feed. The connection lead I NEED must have same set to connect to bus lead, but an OLD (large) size ISO socket. (The head unit has a triple block ISO connector, 2 of which are used by the current system.)
If anyone can help, please email me direct off forum:(Tim_Allcott@yahoo.com) unless your answer will be helpful to others who may have similar, masochistic, tendencies.
I can purchase a lead locally, but this was supposed to be a money saving exercise, and they want one upper and one lower limb for it. Having just paid them £40 for the bus lead (yes I KNOW there's one on ebay for a tenner) Will pay moderate cost plus postage! Could swap for lead from Panasonic DP9060 to Audi Concert bus lead...
VW Audio lead - ianb
I don;t know if this will be any use but for everyone here's a good DIY radio fitting website.

VW Audio lead - Tim Allcott
Thanks, Ian : a useful page for others, perhaps.
Anyone else?
VW Audio lead - Phil G
www.caraudiodirect.com sell lots of adaptors like this


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