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i have an 05 vivaro and am having a nightmare with it.
it splutters and misfires then stops at 2400 revs and blows grey smoke out the exhaust...a lot of it. it seems to be over fueling as it smells of diesel. every now and then it will clear the 2400 but it doesn't rev clean at all. its been on a computer and had a few faults, but we think these were from disconnecting sensors to see if it made any difference. it does go into limp mode after a couple of minutes.
it has had, this week, a new turbo, as this was diagnosed as the problem.
the mechanic who did the work then took it to a friend of his who is breaking a 1.9dti renault laguna, and he has swapped every sensor on it, including air flow, egr, boost pressure, cam, crank, everything he could think of, he has also swapped the injectors, and it is still the same. when the glow plug/engine management comes on and is plugged into the computer, it shows no fauilts.

i am getting a little miserable with this van to say the least and am now regretting ever getting it.
can someone please shed some light on this?
thank you for any input

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First thing i suspect,and teat,on these is the in tank fuel pump.When you, key on engine off,the pump relay will trigger and run for ten seconds,1st test,can you hear it ?

2nd test is for flow volume,it has to flow at least 140 ml of fuel in the ten second relay run,so uncouple the fuel line that goes into the filter and put it in a jug,one you can measure the output,KOEO less than 140mil and the pumps shot,the actual flow rate is 80-100 litres an hour ,less than 140 in ten seconds means not even 80 L/h.oh and pump output isn't measured by the ECU so there is no fault code.

After these tests and if it passes then you need the kind of diagnostic equipment that doesn't relay on computers,gauges for pressure and return and injection test equipment so local diesel specialist is the order.

And just to chear you up I have one in right now with a full march of your symptoms and this one has had everything changed/renewed,turbo,pressure sensor,injectors...........etc ,the lot,I ran test 1 and 2 it failed test 3 is to hook up a slave fuel feed and return from a gallon can using a 12 V pump it started and reved to red line and thats as far as I got that day as now the tank has to come off for a new pump and I have to find rom for 20 gallons of fuel first.

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vauxhaull vivaro 2005 - vivaro, problems with revving and running - zxrjohn14


OK if any body reads this and is having the same symptoms as mine, before you spend any money on diagnostics etc, check and clean all of the vac pipes and especially the the black plastic pipe mount just to the right of center as you look at the engine that has the single 8mm vac pipe and a 15mm pipe from a round servo going to it.
i have spent 225 on a recon turbo, 275 having it fitted and the mechanic spending a day swapping sensors from the laguna to the vivaro 130 on diagnostic computers and it turns out that the plastic pipe mount (i don't know what else to call it) inside where the 8mm pipe connects and goes through to the larger pipe was blocked, therefore, not sending the right readings, or pressures and hence not showing on the computer as it is not electrical.
picked up the drill and a 1.5mm bit, drilled it through (the original hole was like a pin prick) and started it up and drove down the road clean as a whistle, no smoke, boosting away and have just come back from a 25 mile drive where the lights never come on, lovely power (although not as fast as my old vito) and revving through to 3900revs very happily.
i'm p****d off as i spent a lot of money and it could have been a free fix. whoever designed these engines is a complete cock.....fact!!
should've kept the old faithful vito.
you may be seeing this piece of s*** on ebay very soon. belive the horror story's of these vans and steer clear......rant over.
thank you for your input though.

i really hope this helps someone save a few quid and get there nightmare back on the road


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Hi do you have a picture of the pipe was your van the 1.9?
vauxhaull vivaro 2005 - vivaro, problems with revving and running - Avant

I doubt it - the last post on this thread was 5 years ago.

vauxhaull vivaro 2005 - vivaro, problems with revving and running - Micky-BO

Some of these vivaro's have not got a in tank fuel pump if it's got a primer bulb then it does not have a in tank fuel pump.Then it has a transfer pump which is screwed onto the rear of the high pressure pump if your's is playing up there's a few basic;s that needs checked out like Fuel pressure regulator. comtaminated fuel. fuel restriction. transfer pump on rear of main injection pump Hth regards mickybo


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