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Fiesta clutch - fiesta man

I'm hoping for some advice about my '97 1.25 fiesta. For the past 45K miles (the car has done 66k), the clutch, when cold, has had a very mild judder when made to slip under heavy load, with this judder almost undetectable when the car is warm. Just recently (inline with the recent low temps, oddly enough) the clutch judder when cold has got notably worse to the point where the whole car shakes in my opinion quite violently, but lessons greatly when the car is hot - it is hard to detect.

Would anyone care to suggest what the problem is? I think I know what the cause is, but I don't wish to steer comments in any way.

Any help greatly appreciated.


p.s. what would be the expected price for a new friction plate, bearing, etc to do the job of replacing the unit properly?

p.p.s what a reasonable lifespan of a clutch that has had a good spread of town / motorway driving, and is driven pretty damn hard. (it's only little engine and needs encouraging...)
Fiesta clutch - M.M

Engine mountings.
Worn clutch frition plate shock springs.
Unevenly worn pressure plate springs.
Oil contamination.
Flywheel uneven wear.
Any part of the cable/mechanism sticking.

I'm guessing £50 for the kit.

Life up to 120K but depending on use anything over 50K might see it worn.

Fiesta clutch - madf
As above: but sounds very much like mountings..

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