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We have a 10 plate Pug 3008, 16THP Exclusive, Petrol (the joint BMW/PSA engine). We love the car, and another day I might write up a review on it, but thats not the topic of this posting

Topic is warranty

The car has suffered 3 breakdowns in the 18 months we have owned it (bought it on approved used scheme 1 year old from Peugeot). Each time the fault has been engine related, and has been repaired under warranty. Not a great record for a nearly new car I know :-(

The warranty expires in Feb 2013, a few months away, and we are considering selling it before then. What is the best way to extend the warranty if we decide to keep it? Whose independant warranties cover most issues, whose include roadside recovery? home recovery (if it goes in to "limp home" mode and you get home). Whose policies provide courtesy cars? etc

the only "brand" I know is Warranty Direct, so looking for some recommendations



Peugeot 3008 - Best way to extend warranty - gordonbennet

The only warranty i would spend my money on would be a proper maker's extended warranty, and that would depend on an in depth read of the small print.

Peugeot 3008 - Best way to extend warranty - GavoTheSane

Check out what the dealership you bought it from can offer, WMS seem to do a good one now that I got with my new Megane, it's called Safe and Sound and covers a heck of a lot.

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I got a Peugeot extended warranty, the gold I think it was, the top one anyway and it was brilliant!!! I got my money back several times over. Unfortunately they don't cover cars over six years old and mine has just run out so will be looking for the next best thing. Can reccommend the Peugeot one, no excess or other strange conditions as Warranty Direct have (i.e paying a contribution to the costs!!) Diagnostics not covered though. Have a look at the info online!! If I could I wud have another one in a heart beat!

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The Peugeot warranty is run by car car plan, Google the phone number, then go to saynoto0870 and get the landline number, ask them nicely and they will e-mail you a copy of the terms and conditions. My local pug dealer says it is great, but be aware that incomplete service history will make the warranty useless, be sure the services were carried out as per the manufacturers requirements and that you have proof of libricants used and also that the brake fluid was changed at the correct interval. my own car was not covered because the wrong oil was used at the second service and even though it was changed shortly after, that was the getout for them. Still, after reading the warranty terms and conditions did NOT buy the warranty because of that.


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