Ford Mondeo 1.8 Duratec - Juddering on acceleration. - cuthman

Bought car approx 4 weeks ago with full service. After approx 200 miles engine management light indicated faulty EGR that was replaced at local garage who also identified faulty coil pack and replaced same.

Car now seems OK when cold, idling at approx 1200rpm on startup and drops to about 800 - 900rpm when warm.

Have read all forums re the common problem of misfiring etc on acceleration but have little faith in local garages to accurately diagnose and cure the problem.

It' seems OK when cold and steadily worsens as the car warms up to the point where I doubt if it will hill start.

As the problem seems to be associated with temperature I thought it may be the T-MAP sensor, ( Haynes manual indicates only V6 has a MAF sensor ).

Don't think it's the TPS or vacumm leaks as it's ok when cold, or could it be that the mechanics have installed the EGR or coil pack incorrectly.

Would appreciate advice before taking it back.

Many thanks.

Ford Mondeo 1.8 Duratec - Juddering on acceleration. - cuthman

Found out it was only a dodgy HT lead after they replaced the coil pack.


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