Toyota Avensis (2007) petrol - Changing a courtesy light fuse - Galad


I installed 3 LED bulbs to replace the lousy Toyota bulbs in the overhead courtesy light box (including the map reading lights) and seem to have blown a fuse (I stupidly tried to fit the bulbs with the switches still in on position). The handbook on this car is frankly rubbish with guidance on changing a fuse spread over 3+ pages in different sections which is really confusing!! Can some kind soul point me to the correct fusebox please (are there 5 in this car???) and how to access the fuse? Handbook suggests the correct fuse is under the dash down to the right hand side of the steering wheel (RHD car) but I can't see a fusebox just a black plastic tag that may be hiding something else and I'm reluctant to do anything for fear of doing any damage. Also, I may have to draft in a limbo dancer if that's where the fusebox actually is!!

Incidentally, since blowing the fuse (if that's what I've done) the clock has defaulted to 12:00 and the rev counter/fuel and temp gauges are resting in odd positions only when ignition is swtiched off. Is this because a separate circuit has been interrupted?

Many thanks in anticipation!

Toyota Avensis (2007) petrol - Changing a courtesy light fuse - Galad

If it's of any help to others I got an Auto Spark to change the fuse which was located in a junction box next to the steering column (very inaccessible!). He also changed a fuse for the rear lighting array after I tried, unsuccessfully, to change a blown tail light. My point is, the once simple matter of changing bulbs has become a science which doesn't bode well for roadside fixes, especially at night.Will RAC/AA etc agree to come out just for a bulb change?

Auto Spark advises that modern vehicle fuse systems are now so senstive to protect the sophisticated electronics that even to change a bulb requires care to ensure that relevant swtiches are in the 'off' position before toching and removal. As it happened, I found myself with no tail lights or indicators/hazards/fogs but luckily one brake light still working enabling me to drive to the mechanic!!


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