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I've just bought a Z3 which I want to use as a weekend fun car, and was hoping someone on here could give me some tips for cheap insurance. All my ncd is on my main car (Juke), so the quotes I'm getting at the moment are all with no ncd, resulting in figures up to £900 for 5000 miles!

I tried a couple of the multicar ones, but they don't work out any cheaper than the two lowest individual quotes. Z3 is 11 years old, so I thought classic might be an option, but so far all the ones I've found needed the car to be 15 years old.

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Have you tried Adrian Flux?

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Ooh very nice Craig. I have heard a suggestion whereby you can persuade a classic car insurer that a vehicle over 10 years old and out of production is therefore a 'classic'. Also, try limiting your use to 'social' only, mileage is low, and you should always be able to discuss your NCD from another car with the insurer; I have had one be kind and knock a bit off.

Adrian Flux is the sports car/hot hatch insurer. Also there's A-Plan insurers, but I don't know if they still exist.

bmw z3 - Second car insurance - Craigdm

Have you tried Adrian Flux?

that was the first one I tried! came in at £580, when the cheapest on gocompare with no ncd was £420. Still seems expensive for such limited use.

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In cases like this you could well find that a specialist brokers does a better quote than the on-line firms, they undestand that you won't be using it everyday. Try Adrian Flux or RCM Associates,thats 2 that spring to mind immediately. When out of neccesity we bought a 3rd car about 6 years ago my insurance company (Aviva) gave me full NCB just like I had on the main car but would not protect it for 3 years.

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Craig - I too have a Z3 as a fun car - mine's a Y-registered 2.2. When I got it in 2008 I started with Elephant who I think gave me a discount because I had a no-claims discount on my other car.

They started to get more expensive: I tried Footman James at renewal last year who advertise in the BMW Car Club magazine 'Straight Six', but they were hopeless, quoting something over £500. I went with Saga as I'm over 50, for a very reasonable £236.

I E-mailed Jeff Heywood, the BMWCC chairman, with thos tale, and got a very helpful message back, including the following which may help you if you're under 50 (I'm sure you are!).

"I understand that you have now renewed your insurance but when it is up for renewal next year may i suggest you try Classic Line Insurance – they have just insured my Z3 M Coupe for £229.00 after receiving a renewal quote of £445.00 from Footman James." Do let us know how you get on, and have fun with the Z3. It has an excellent heater so a winter day out with the hood down is surprisingly pleasant.

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Im surprised you actually got a good deal from Saga. in many cases they're not actually the cheapest for drivers over 50, as my Dad has recently discovered.

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Classic Line gave a great quote, thanks for the tip. £330 with no ncd is the cheapest i've had so far.


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