Ford fiesta - Juddering problem - villafan

Please help me. I have a fiesta 1.25 zetec suffering from juddering /misfire problems when accelerating ,it happens in all gears.I broke down in heavy rain last week when the car started juddering over 50mph and felt like a loss of power, aa came out as i could not restart the car. They fitted a new coil pack and car worked fine for 40 miles till the juddering come back , this time the enigine warning light came on.
I put the car in to a local garage and they stuck it on a machine to clear the fault and find out the error code, it come up maf sensor so they fitted a new one the cleaned the computer again.The engine warning light has now gone and not come back but the juddering has. The car starts fine which it did not with warning light on unless i gave it some gas for about a min else it would cut out. I spent £140 on it so far , and totally lost where to go next. Would new leads and spark plugs help as they not been changed for 3/4 years. car has had new air filter and oil changed in the last 3 months

Ford fiesta - Juddering problem - MikeTorque

Could be a fueling issue or electronic issue.

A fuel relay is a suspect, have they changed the fuel relay ?

Ford fiesta - Juddering problem - villafan

Thanks for your reply, no the fuel relay has not been changed. Also noticed earth strap to the engine has snapped,would this make a difference?

Ford fiesta - Juddering problem - xtrailman

Yes get it repaired.

Ford fiesta - Juddering problem - villafan

Would the earth strap cause the juddering though, i will replace anyway.

Ford fiesta - Juddering problem - MikeTorque

One way to find out, get it fixed and see if the problem goes away or still occurs. Please let us know, thanks.

Ford fiesta - Juddering problem - villafan

Quick update, fitted new earth strap , ht leads and plugs. Need to take the car out for a proper run to see how it feels. Hope this solves the problem as wanting to sell the car , i will let you know

Ford fiesta - Juddering problem - villafan

A quick update been running the car around for roughy 200 miles since fitting new plugs and ht leads. I still get a slight juddering/misfire when driving , mostly been when driving around 20/30mph when building up speed. The car feels like it has lost any power it did have. I have no warning light,car ides fine and starts first time always. Stuck !!!

Ford fiesta - Juddering problem - villafan
The problem seems to be when the car is cold i have noticed.on the temp gauge when it reaches half way which its sits at all the time after about 10 mins it drives fine. The juddering seems to happen in the first 5/10 mins before its warmed up. please can any one help. i wanna part x the car but dont want any comebacks
Ford fiesta - Juddering problem - jayfiesta

hi my car is doing the exact same thing did you get it sorted in the end?? if so could u let me know please?? thanks

Ford fiesta - Juddering problem - galileo

What gear are you in when building up speed at 20/30 mph? Especially when cold any car will be unhappy trying to accelerate in too high a gear.

Ford fiesta - Juddering problem - Trial & Error

I have a 2001 fiesta ztec s 1.25 when I brought it it ran a dream for 4 weeks then started juddering when accelerating I thought it was the maf sensor until I realised this model did not have one so started looking at crankshaft and cam shaft sensors I cleaned them both checked the throttle sensor seemed fine and after all the research I checked my ht leads because I could hear I missing from the exhaust, number 1 ht lead I took off and it did make a slight difference but not as much as the other 3 I think because the car had been sat it was shorting to number 2 ht lead so I swapped the coil pack for the leads and it was problem solved but everyone told me that wouldn't be the problem, I think it was just a week spark from it the car had been sat for months before I brought.


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