Technical manual - BMW 320d - Oz
I am very interested to learn much more about my 320d (registered 2001 in the UK) than is published in the supplied owners' manual. Not that I want to dismantle the car, rather would like to learn a lot more about how it was put together. Nothing seems to be available for private owners from BMW themselves. USA based sources of technical manuals are plentiful but don't cater for the 320d which is not actively marketed there. Haynes haven't published a manual for this vehicle as yet. Any ideas anyone?
Technical manual - BMW 320d - keithb
I had a similar need for my 330d. The only info I could find was on the BMW Parts and Service CDs. Have a look at

Not a replacement for Haynes but a wealth of info plus diagrams of all components. Also useful to see which parts are available without having to buy the whole component. Also gives part nos. so you can check the dealer has supplied the correct part.
Technical manual - BMW 320d - Oz
Sounds great Keith, just the job! Will check it out.

Have a great Christmas
Oz (Doug)
Technical manual - BMW 320d - beemer320d
hi is your bmw 136 bhp? what do u think of it?

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