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A few weeks ago I picked up a second hand 306 HDI (90) 2001 306 Estate. When I tried the rear wiper the washer spray didn't work, could hear the motor spinning but no water. I then disconnected the hose from the rear motor nozzle and pulled down a section of the head liner at the rear, there was a pipe connected joiner that was blocked and managed to sort this.

All fine so far, water now spraying freely from the removed pipe no problems now. When I plugged the pipe back onto the 90 degree elbow nozzle on the motor, water was spraying out of the bottom of the elbow.

Went to a dealer and they thought there was supposed to be a small cap on it, but I'd need a whole new motor assembly. Found one on eBay, but when it arrived it had exactly the same problem. Bit difficult to explain, can show photos somewhere if need be. Has anyone had/seen this before?

Thanks in advance.

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The problem you have sound as though it's a slightly more serious version of my experience.

The water jet to the rear screen should point directly up, and spray through the cut out in the plastic cover that covers the securing nut for the rear wiper. The tube from the elbow on the motor runs through the blade drive. Corrosion occurs within this tube, snags the tube, effectively blocking it.

Yes the peugeot part will cost you an 'arm and a leg', and the cheaper option is to dismantle it all, and give it a good clean. Grease up the blade drive tube to prevent re-occuring, which it will do, due to the nature of strong screen wash. The clue that it's beginning to stick, is when the water jet starts following the blade arc.

Hope this helps


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I had the same problem. All I did was plug the hole by stuffing a cut down pencil eraser in it and super glueing it in place. All toppped off with a dab of silicone sealant. Just make sure you don't push the eraser (or whatever you use) too far in or you might block the path of the fluid to the jet.
I did it about 18 months ago and I haven't had any problems since.


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